16 IELTS Speaking Tests

Each practice test contains 3 Parts as in the official IELTS test – equal to about 4 hours of IELTS test time.


All tests are produced by a small team of fully qualified, former British Council IELTS teachers, IELTS examiners and test writers.

Questions & Answers

All the different IELTS Speaking question types are included. All model answers are also included, providing 100+ model answers.

Mobile, Offline, Print

The tests are in PDF format which means they can be accessed on any device, online or offline and easily printed.

Audios & Transcripts

All audios and transcripts are included for every every Speaking model answer.


This pack includes ‘SPEAKING TECHNIQUES for IELTS’ which contains the most effective techniques and tips you can use to improve your test performance.


Please note that all our customer reviews are genuine and used with the permission of each person.

I am very pleased because I got a lot of confidence from the speaking practice. The model answers and the speaking techniques were very helpful for me. My last IELTS speaking test band score is 7.0! So I am very pleased indeed. Thank you very much.

Yoko, Japan

I just want to say how pleased I am with your model answers. Actually, they taught me how to speak! I mean I had no idea what I should say or how to say my answers in the IELTS test but using your model answers I could understand and learn quickly. I got my result today: 7.5 overall and 8.0 in speaking!

Wendy, Taiwan

I’m very pleased with this purchase. The model speaker is great. I could listen all day! Great job.

Dr P. Tamil, India