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LISTENING 10 PLUS consists of 10 complete IELTS Listening practice tests. As in the official Listening test, each practice test consists of 4 sections giving a total of 40 sections in this pack. Also, like the official test, you will hear a wide range of accents from the UK, Australia, New Zealand, America and Canada.

Also included in this pack is SELF-PREP LISTENING. This is a valuable resource containing techniques, tips and self study activities to help you get a higher Listening score.

Who For

LISTENING 10 PLUS is for you if you need to practice and improve your score in the Listening module of the IELTS Test. The practice tests help you to become familiar with all the question types, to build your language and to improve your speed, while the SELF-PREP helps you to build your IELTS Listening test skills.

Authentic Tests

All practice tests have been produced by former IELTS examiners and fully-qualified British Council IELTS teachers. This ensures that each test is consistent in style and level of difficulty with the official IELTS Test.


The topics inside the practice tests are the same topics that are most commonly found in the official IELTS test. This helps you build your vocabulary and knowledge of these key topics.


All the IELTS Listening questions types are included: multiple choice, multiple matching, form/table/note completion, diagram/map/plan labelling, sentence/summary completion and short-answer questions.


All answers are provided for all the listening questions at the end of each test.


Transcripts for all sections of all Listening tests are included.

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After downloading any or all of the IELTS Listening practice tests, we recommend you open the files in the latest version of Adobe Reader. Having done so, you will be able to use the tests on your device or print any/all of tests in a clean, user-friendly format.


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